Marble has been significantly famous through community on its beauty and luxury, but it is not easy to obtain good quality marble, as they are part of natural resources. After few years of research, there is good news from Shunda Panel, which offers various design of marble look without harming the natural resources or environment. Followed by its simple installation method, people are able to design their dream house as desire, now your imagination is your limit!

Shunda Panel Advantages

Environmental Friendly

Shunda Panel is made from PVC which is environmental friendly


Shunda Panel’s product is made from high quality materials with the experts assistance; which is why, Shunda can offer high quality and durable product.

Water Resistant

Shunda Panel is made of water resistant PVC. This material will not be affected by molds even though leakage occurs.

Easy Installation

Easy Installation System enables Shunda’s installation effortless, time saving and easily designed as desired.

Flame Retardant

Shunda panel is proven to be flame retardant and self extinguishing.

Stunning and Various Design

In order to fulfill the market demand of various designs, Shunda Panel offers variety of design themes and facilitating attractive and colorful room without any finishes or painting.

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